Italy Opens its National Route for PCT Applications


ROME - The Italian Patent and Trademark Office confirmed that PCT applicants are now able to obtain patent protection in Italy directly via an international PCT application, starting July 1, 2020.

To obtain patent protection, there are different routes; either by filing a direct application in each country of interest, filing a regional application which covers several countries, or filing a PCT application which is then converted into individual applications in each country of interest.

The Patent and Trademark Office set a deadline for entering the national phase in Italy; 30 months from the filing date. Furthermore, the Italian translation of the entire specification is required upon entry into the Italian national phase or within 2 months of entry. 

Examination of the application will not start before 30 months from the filing or priority date even if entry into the Italian national phase is started earlier. The applicant will be informed of the beginning of examination and the deadline for filing a response to the International Search Report and Written Opinion.

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