Filing Requirements
Trademark Applications

1. A copy of the trademark home or any other foreign corresponding registration certificate reflecting the same class of goods and services to be specified in the Syrian application. (The Registrar could request a certified copy thereof at a later stage).

2. A legalized Power of Attorney.

However, if you provide us with a Power of Attorney legalized up to the Syrian Consulate, we can deposit this document at the Notary Public in Damascus and extract a certified copy thereof each time we receive instructions from your part to attend to new applications in Syria. Consequently, it will no longer be necessary to send us new Powers of Attorney for the future applications.

3. Prints (15 pcs) and (1) printing block which can be processed locally.

4. Indicating if the applicant has used or intends to use the trademark in Syria within 3 years from its registration date in Syria.

5. Description of the trade/service mark and its meaning.


- The issuing date of the documents should not exceed six months prior to the application date in Syria.

- It is possible to file the application and later complete the requirements within 6 months with a payment of fine per document/month.

- Trademark registration timeframe is 10-12 months.

- Search registration timeframe is 15 days.



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P.O. Box: 31000 Damascus, Syrian Arab Republic
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Fax: +963 11 214 0162
Contact: Mohammad Ammar Azmeh (Mr)


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