D1: Are designs registrable in your country?

D2: Should the design application be filed under the form of drawings and/or photographs, the size thereof and the number of views?
Both are subject to filing. Photographs/drawings should be in five copies to feature the relative dimensional views. The Registrar could request physical sample.

D3: What are the novelty requirements for a design application to be valid?

The Industrial designs and models shall not be considered new or distinct if they do not differ significantly and fundamentally from the industrial designs and models known before or are allocated to another type of products other than those covered by the industrial design or model previously filed.

The industrial design or model shall be considered new if it has not been disclosed to the public anywhere in the world in any way, including substantial use or publication whether prior to the date of filing an application for registration or before the date of the priority application, as appropriate. However, the industrial design or model shall not lose the novelty element if the disclosure or description has taken place after filing an application for registration in any country member to any relevant Convention valid in Syria and provides reciprocal treatment to Syria, or whether the disclosure has taken place in a national or international exhibitions or the industrial design or model was published in a conference or a scientific periodical during a period not exceeding six months prior to the date of filing an application for registration in Syria.

D4: Can convention priority be claimed in your country? (Paris Convention)

D5: Does your country use the international classification?

D6: Are there any goods or services for which the design cannot be registered?

D7: Is the assignment of the creator compulsory for a design application?
The application in Syria ought to be supported with a priority document (in case of convention application), certified copy of home or foreign registration certificate (in case of non-convention application). Thus if this document still shows the creator name, who is not the applicant in Syria, then an assignment into the applicant will be needed against this document to proceed with the registration procedures. Design registration is assignable to any side.

D8: Is there any deadline to apply for the publication of a secret filing of a model/design?
D9: Are there any special advantages in filing a model or a design in a secret form?

D8 - D9: Secret filing is not applicable in Syria. However, the applicant may request postponing the publication of the design or model for a period not exceeding twelve months from the filing date of application or the date of priority in the event of claiming priority.

D10: Is it possible to file more than one design/model in the same application? If yes, are there any advantages in doing so?
It is possible to apply for multi-design application (up to five homogeneous models) provided that they form a unit in subject, with separate fees for each of them. The multi-design application will be processed simultaneously. A separate registration certificate will be issued for each design.

D11: What is the term of protection of a model or design in your country? Can this term be extended?
The duration of design registration is (5) years and is renewable for two consecutive similar terms.

D12: Is use required to maintain a registration of a model or design in your country?

It is not mentioned in the new law that has recently been issued.

D13: Are designs/models protected by copyright law as well?
The copyright law is not valid at present. New copyright law is supposed to be issued in Syria.

D14: Are there provisions in your law to oppose a model/design registration?
The design applications accepted by the Property Protection Department will be published for opposition by the public.

D15: Is it possible to apply for cancellation of a model/design filed in a secret form?

Not applicable.


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