It is possible presently to file a copyright application in Syria, which entails the following requirements:

• Legalized Power of Attorney (up to the Syrian consulate). POA form is accessible at our website .

The procedure of super-legalizing the Power of Attorney in Syria takes (2 - 3 months).

• Personal data of the copyright work creator (copy of his ID is required) or a copy of its registration certificate (corporate body).

• The copyright work made on CDs in triplicate (within 5 mm cases).

• Undertaking that the copyright is created by the work owner and is not illegally quoted.

• Assignment from the copyright work creator to the applicant, in case the applicant is not the creator. 

Copyright protection in Syria is governed by Law No. 12 of 2001. The Syrian Copyright Protection Department (CPD) started entertaining copyright applications in Syria, but the governmental fees will be paid later on, once specified.

The present copyright applications filed in Syria, whereby the applicants get filing reports only.

A new copyright and related rights is expected to be issued in Syria replace the existing law

Syria is a member of the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works. 




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